Provincial Almoners Weekly Letter

On Monday I received a parcel from Mark Masons‚Äô Hall containing my Official Chain of Office as a Grand Senior Deacon; I am not wearing it in bed. I presume that other Brethren within the Province received their Chains as well, Congratulations. The week finished with a lesson on changing a duvet on Friday. No dull moments here. Compared to those unfortunate people who experience flooding of the home, this was nothing, but still contained some stress. 

I am gratified that my letter is read and appreciated, this was emphasised this week by the wife of one brother contacting me and expressing her thoughts on friendship gardens. Another message I received was that it was good to see Bournemouth mentioned. After a friendly exchange with the W. Bo. I received an A to Z of my home town, Bournemouth, so that I can find my way around there when we are allowed to travel again. 

You are, I hope, aware of the Wardens‚Äô Swindle and the manner in which they are trying to raise funds for their charities this year. We have the monthly draw which does need a little more cash input. Then there is the Drag performance being taken on by Patrick and Richard, our Provincial Wardens, they have a target of ¬£1,000 to be raised before the performance takes place, this target has not yet been reached. Can you help in some way please? 

The Six Nations rugby was very entertaining last weekend and I hope that you were pleased with your nations performance. The game looks much more robust than when many of us played and the participants appear much fitter. 

Unfortunately here we are in another ‚ÄúLockdown,‚Äù we approach this in different ways, I feel that we must stay very positive, we have to beat this virus somehow. It is imperative that we keep up the lines of communication, phone, Whats app, Facebook, any means that we can. As I have said before there are Brethren, through no fault of their own, who are having to deal with furlough, loss of employment, sickness, bereavement, on their own. As we are not meeting we cannot see how each one is. Little things mean a lot so please make the effort to keep in touch, we are all almoners. 

Malcolm Lloyd, G.S.D., Prov. Grand Almoner