Lodge NameNumberDate of
Albany LodgeT.I.5/8/1883Newport, IOW3rd Tues Jan, Mar, May, Sept, Nov.
Phoenix Lodge2 T.I.7/7/1856Portsmouth, Phoenix Rooms, 110 High Street.1st Mon Feb, Apr, Oct, Dec.
Portsmouth Lodge17 T.I.1856Havant1st Thurs Mar, May, Oct, Dec.
Wyndham Lodge3723/11/1858Andover4th Wed Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct.
Aldershot Military542/4/1862Aldershot4th Tues Feb, May, Sept, Nov.
Carnarvon Lodge6211/4/1863Havant3rd Tues Mar, May, Sept, Nov.
St Andrews Lodge6311/4/1863Eastleigh4th Wed Feb, Apr, Oct, Nov.
Bournemouth Lodge12516/1/1871Bournemouth4th Wed Feb, Nov, 2nd Wed Apr, Oct.
Medina Lodge14022/9/1871Cowes, IOW3rd Thurs Feb, Apr, Jun, Oct, Dec.
Gosport Lodge30528/7/1882Gosport4th Wed Feb, May, Sept, Nov.
William Hickman Lodge32013/6/1883Sandown, IOWLast Tues Jan, Feb, Mar, Oct, Nov.
Aldershot Army and Navy34911/2/1885Farnborough1st Fri Mar and Oct.
Unity Lodge38124/5/1887Bournemouth4th Wed Jan, Mar, May, Sept.
New Forest Lodge6119/11/1909Lymington2nd Mon Jan, Feb, Apr, Sept, November.
Clausentum Lodge61324/11/1909Woolston, Southampton3rd Wed Feb, Apr, Jun, Oct, Last Wed Nov.
Loveland Lodge6741/5/1918Winchester1st Tue Feb, Mar, Oct, Dec.
Connaught Lodge69412/7/1919Botley1st Wed Sept. 2nd Thurs Mar, May, Nov.
Portsdown Lodge7394/8/1921Purbrook1st Mon Mar, Sept, Nov,2nd Fri May.
Thomas `a Becket Lodge77531/10/1922Portsmouth, Royal Navy Club1st Thurs Feb, Apr, Jun, Sept, Nov.
Mercury Lodge77731/10/1922Botley2nd Fri Mar, May, Nov.
John Pounds Lodge8093/9/1924Cosham2nd Tues Feb, Apr, Jun, Oct, Dec.
Vale of Avon Lodge8674/10/1928Brockenhurst1st Thurs Mar, Apr, Sept, Oct.
Stradbroke Lodge8744/2/1929Cosham3rd Fri Feb, Apr, Jun, Sept, Nov.
Harmony Lodge8757/2/1929Fareham3rd Tues Jan, Apr, Jun, Oct, Nov.
Oakley8862/10/1929Basingstoke3rd Tues Jan, Mar, May, Oct.
Romsey Lodge91024/8/1932Southampton4th Mon Jan, Feb, Oct, Nov.
Sir Arthur Holbrook Lodge9517/11/1935Ryde, IOW4th Wed Feb, Apr, Oct, Nov.
Winchester Lodge96924/1/1938Winchester4th Mon Feb, Apr, Oct, Nov.
William of Orange Lodge9738/8/1938Petersfield3rd Wed Feb, Apr, Sept, Nov.
Shalden Lodge98814/5/1943Alton1st Wed Mar, May, Oct, Dec.
Thistle and Shamrock Lodge10481/3/1946Havant3rd Thurs Jan, Mar, Apr, Nov.
Hindhead Lodge104928/2/1946Bordon3rd Thurs Jan, May, Sept.
Needles Lodge12465/1/1960Shanklin, IOW3rd Mon Jan, Mar, Sept, Nov.
Chandlers Ford Lodge12589/5/1961Chandler’s Ford4th Thurs Jan, Mar, Sept, Nov.
The Norman Lodge127928/5/1963Chandler’s Ford1st Wed Feb, Mar, Oct, Nov.
Thomas Dunckerley Lodge129610/11/1964Gosport3rd Wed Feb, Apr, Jun, Oct.
Botley Lodge138227/8/1971Botley2nd Thurs Feb, Apr, Oct, Dec.
Clanfield Lodge13854/1/1972Hordean4th Mon Jan, Mar, May, Sept, Nov.
Hector Young Lodge139518/5/1972Totton, Southampton1st Thurs Apr, Jun, Sept, Dec.
Woolmer Forest Lodge14037/11/1972Bordon3rd Thurs Feb, Apr, Oct, 2nd Thurs Jun.
Christchurch Lodge145316/12/1975Mudeford, Christchurch3rd Tues Feb, Apr, 3rd Fri Sept, Nov.
Mark Education Lodge149114/7/1977Purbrook1st Fri Feb, Jun, Oct, Dec.
Hants & IoW Installed Mark Masters Lodge168720/8/1991Various LocationsFirst 5th Wed after 1st Feb, First 5th after 1st September.
Brocas Hyrst Lodge173312/11/1994New Milton2nd Thurs Mar, May, Sept, Nov.
Forty Steps Lodge177310/6/1996Southampton3rd Tues Jan, May 2nd Tues Nov.
Aldershot Meridian Lodge178520/11/1997Aldershot1st Thurs Apr, May, Sept.
Hants & IoW Prov Grand Stewards Lodge179614/11/1998Botley2nd Mon Mar, Jun, Oct.
Meridies Lodge179827/2/1999Botley2nd Mon Feb, May & Oct.
P.G.M.’s Mark Lodge of Instruction – Westn/an/aSouthampton4th Wednesday of each month excepting June, July, Aug & Dec.
P.G.M.’s Mark Lodge of Instruction – Eastn/an/aGosport1st Wednesday of each month October to May inclusive.
P.G.M.’s Mark Lodge of Instruction – Southn/an/aNewport, IoW2nd Sat monthly

Royal Ark Mariner Lodges

Lodge NameNumberDate of
Peace LodgeT.I.1/9/1919Newport, IOW4th Thurs Jan, Mar, May, Nov.
Phoenix Lodge25/9/1968Portsmouth, Phoenix Rooms, 110 High St.1st Mon Jan, Mar, Nov.
Portsmouth Lodge171/2/1894Havant1st Thurs Apr, Jun, Sept, Nov.
Wyndham Lodge3726/6/1965Andover4th Wed Feb, May, Sept, Nov.
Naval & Military Lodge5426/8/1916FarnboroughFirst 5th Fri Mar – May, Sept – Nov.
Carnarvon Lodge6220/2/1871Havant3rd Tues Feb, Apr, Oct, Dec.
Solent Lodge639/9/1873Southampton3rd Wed Feb, Apr, Oct, Dec.
Bournemouth Lodge1257/11/1946Bournemouth1st Wed Mar, May, Sept, 2nd Wed Dec.
Medina Lodge14012/11/1907Cowes, IOW1st Tues Feb, Apr, Oct, Dec.
Gosport Lodge30516/11/1882Gosport4th Wed Jan, Mar, Jun, Oct.
Sandown Bay Lodge32020/8/1887Sandown, IOW2nd Tues Feb, Apr, Oct, Nov.
Itchen Lodge6131/5/1918Woolston, Southampton2nd Mon Jan, Mar, May, Nov.
Loveland Lodge6742/9/1971Winchester1st Tues Apr, Jun, Sept.
Portsdown Lodge73931/10/1922Cosham4th Fri Mar, May, Sept, Nov.
Thomas `a Becket7756/7/1946Cosham1st Tues Feb, Jun, Oct, Dec.
Mercury Lodge7779/5/2008Botley2nd Fri March, May, Nov.
Harmony Lodge8751/10/1964Fareham3rd Fri Feb, May, Sept, Nov.
Oakley Lodge8867/4/1949Basingstoke1st Thurs Feb, Apr, Nov.
Winchester Lodge96915/7/1989Winchester4th Tues Jan, Mar, Sept, Nov.
Hindhead Lodge10495/3/1987Bordon3rd Thurs Jan, May, Sept.
Chandlers Ford Lodge12584/4/1963Chandler’s Ford4th Thurs Feb, Apr, Jun, Oct.
Clanfield Lodge13857/11/1972Horndean2nd Thurs Mar, May, Sept, Nov.
Christchurch Lodge14536/12/1979Mudeford, Christchurch4th Tues Jan, Apr, Jul, Nov.
Mark of Education Lodge14919/10/1992Cosham1st Tues Jul, 1st Fri Mar, Nov.
Hants & IOW Lodge of Installed Commanders16875/10/2002Botley(Jan)various (May, Sept)3rd Sat Jan, Penultimate working day May, Sept.
Hants & IOW Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge179624/11/2001Botley3rd Mon Feb, Jun, Oct.
Meridies Lodge179811/1/2003Botley2nd Mon Feb, May, Oct.
P.G.M.’s Royal Ark Mariner Lodge of Instruction – Eastn/an/aCoshamWorking day 5th week Jan, Mar, Apr, Jun.  Festival in Sept.