Message from the Provincial Almoner

Reminiscing though, my Craft Ladies night, when I was in the chair, was on 23rdApril, 1988. We had 163 people in attendance, Brian Ridler proposed the toast to the ladies and a good time was had by all. Unfortunately there are many such joyous occasions not being able to take place and our brethren are missing. A sign of the times, we look forward to better thing to come.

My lawn was scarified, reseeded and fertiliser applied this this week. I add not be me I bring in someone who knows what they are doing. Guess what, in spite of Pat putting out plenty of seed for the birds the pigeons are eating the grass seed from the lawn, Does anyone have a blunderbuss!!!

Things are still being kept on hold as to the uncertainty we face. We must be patient and prepare ourselves that we will not, most probably, have too many Masonic events this year. Keep cheerful though and positive the alternative is not worth contemplating.

We went outside on Thursday evening at 20.00 hours for the usual clapping, what a difference to last week though in my road. Not so many people out there and no one seemed to hang around too long. I hope the response was better in your areas. I am thinking the “The Big Night In,” on television had something to do with that.

Have just watched an article on television with Capt. Tom Moore taking part. What an inspirational but at the same time, a gracious and unassuming man, surrounded by a family with the same attributes. A number 1 best seller on his 100th Birthday, Well done Capt. Tom Moore.

Kindest regards,

Malcolm Lloyd, Prov. Almoner.