Provincial Grand Lodge Honours 2024-25

Dear Brethren,

I am delighted to be able to announce that the Provincial Grand Master, R.W. Bro. George J Deacon, has been pleased to make the following appointments and promotions in Provincial Grand Lodge.

I am sure you will all wish to join the Provincial Grand Master and his Executive in congratulating these worthy Brethren on their preferment. This year the Brethren receiving First Appointments will be invested at the Annual Meeting at the Portsmouth Guildhall on Saturday 20th April 2024. The Brethren receiving Promotions will be invested at a special Promotions meeting which will be held on Saturday 3rd August at the Botley Masonic Centre.

With fraternal regards and best wishes

W. Bro. Simon P Lancaster
Provincial Grand Secretary

W. Bro. Maurice DoeProvincial Grand Senior WardenRomsey910
W. Bro. Mark GreenProvincial Grand Junior WardenBrocas Hyrst1733
W. Bro. Richard NewmanProvincial Grand Master OverseerJohn Pounds809
W. Bro. Adrian WarrProvincial Grand Senior OverseerVale of Avon867
W. Bro. Gary EllisProvincial Grand Junior OverseerShalden988
W. Bro. Geoff DobsonProvincial Grand ChaplainRomsey910
W. Bro. John BurrellProvincial Grand TreasurerCarnarvon62
W. Bro. Dave ColmerProvincial Grand RegistrarHector Young1395
W. Bro. Simon LancasterProvincial Grand SecretaryRomsey910
W. Bro. David RyanProvincial Grand Director of CeremoniesHants & IOW Prov. G. Steward1796
W. Bro. Tony AyresProvincial Grand Inspector of WorksChandler’s Ford1258
W. Bro. Malcolm LloydProvincial Grand AlmonerWyndham37
W. Bro. Nigel WilkinsonProvincial Grand Charity StewardOakley886
W. Bro. Mike SandermanProvincial Grand Sword BearerNew Forest611
W. Bro. Tom JonesProvincial Deputy Grand ChaplainWilliam of Orange973
W. Bro. Alex HoneymanProvincial Deputy Grand SecretaryHector Young1395
W. Bro. Barry ThorntonProvincial Deputy Grand Director of CeremoniesForty Steps1773
W. Bro. David RobertsonProvincial Grand Senior DeaconAlbany9015
W. Bro. Gregory WilliamsProvincial Grand Senior DeaconAldershot Military54
W. Bro. Derek ReedProvincial Grand Senior DeaconPhoenix2
W. Bro. Robert GrayProvincial Grand Junior DeaconConnaught694
W. Bro. Nigel LinfieldProvincial Grand Junior DeaconHarmony875
W. Bro. Martin HollisProvincial Grand Junior DeaconWyndham37
W. Bro. Ian VincentProvincial Assistant Grand SecretaryWyndham37
W. Bro. Adrian BoltonProvincial Assistant Grand Charity StewardNeedles1246
W. Bro. Steve DennessProvincial Assistant Grand Director of CeremoniesWilliam Hickman320
W. Bro. Derek RobertsProvincial Assistant Grand Director of CeremoniesClanfield1385
W. Bro. Chris MoreyProvincial Assistant Grand Director of CeremoniesThe Mark of Education1491
W. Bro. Gary EdmundsProvincial Assistant Grand Director of CeremoniesLoveland674
W. Bro. Trevor GulliverProvincial Grand OrganistMercury777
W. Bro. Barry WildProvincial Grand Standard BearerHants & IOW Prov. G. Steward1796
W. Bro. Tony Restorick-BanksProvincial Assistant Grand Standard BearerRomsey910
W. Bro. Brett SkeltonProvincial Grand Inner GuardOakley886
W. Bro. Mark BeeneyProvincial Grand StewardNeedles1246
W. Bro. Simon BaigentProvincial Grand StewardWoolmer Forest1403
W. Bro. Nicholas MilburnProvincial Grand StewardClanfield1385
W. Bro. Paul LitsterProvincial Grand StewardOakley886
W. Bro. Ronald ShippProvincial Grand TylerHarmony875

W. Bro. Antony DeaconPast Provincial Grand Senior DeaconThe Saint Andrews63
W. Bro. Jon WallsgrovePast Provincial Grand Senior DeaconClausentum613
W. Bro. David VaughanPast Provincial Grand Senior DeaconVale of Avon867
      Bro. Duncan HeritagePast Provincial Grand Senior DeaconHants & IOW Prov. G. Steward1796
W. Bro. Alan BarkerPast Provincial Grand Junior DeaconBournemouth125
W. Bro. Paul ButlerPast Provincial Grand Junior DeaconThe Norman1279
W. Bro. Peter RannPast Provincial Assistant Grand Director of CeremoniesThomas à Becket775
W. Bro. Ian ChennellPast Provincial Assistant Grand Director of CeremoniesWoolmer Forest1403
W. Bro. John SweetingPast Provincial Assistant Grand Director of CeremoniesChristchurch1453
W. Bro. Gerald KearsePast Provincial Grand Standard BearerAldershot Army and Navy349
W. Bro. Bernard JacksonPast Provincial Grand Standard BearerThistle and Shamrock1048
W. Bro. Christopher HicksPast Provincial Grand Standard BearerBotley1382
W. Bro. Arthur BreachPast Provincial Grand Senior WardenThe Saint Andrews63
W. Bro. Don SnellgrovePast Provincial Grand Senior WardenClausentum613
W. Bro. Richard BatchelorPast Provincial Grand Senior WardenMercury777
W. Bro. Ray BulmanPast Provincial Grand Senior WardenStradbroke874
W. Bro. Brian HowlettPast Provincial Grand Senior WardenThistle and Shamrock1048
W. Bro. Derek HarrisPast Provincial Grand Junior WardenThe Saint Andrews63
W. Bro. Stephen LeonardPast Provincial Grand Junior WardenLoveland674
W. Bro. Neil SimpsonPast Provincial Grand Junior WardenConnaught694
W. Bro. Ron ShippPast Provincial Grand Junior WardenHarmony875
W. Bro. Roy ElmsliePast Provincial Grand Junior WardenOakley886
W. Bro. David CallowPast Provincial Grand Junior WardenShalden988
W. Bro. Colin HillPast Provincial Grand Junior WardenChandler’s Ford1258
W. Bro. David WeeksPast Provincial Grand Master OverseerStradbroke874
W. Bro. Les HarrisPast Provincial Grand Master OverseerRomsey910
W. Bro. Geoff StandringPast Provincial Grand Master OverseerBrocas Hyrst1733
W. Bro. Francis SullivanPast Provincial Grand Senior OverseerWyndham37
W. Bro. John AldermanPast Provincial Grand Senior OverseerChristchurch1453
W. Bro. Ron MabeyPast Provincial Grand Senior OverseerBrocas Hyrst1733
W. Bro. Jim WilliamsPast Provincial Grand Junior OverseerSir Arthur Holbrook951
W. Bro. Goff BeckPast Provincial Grand Junior OverseerThistle and Shamrock1048
W. Bro. Andrew BoultonPast Provincial Grand Junior OverseerThe Mark of Education1491
W. Bro. Chris JacksonPast Provincial Grand RegistrarPhoenix2
W. Bro. Paul CoppinPast Provincial Grand RegistrarPortsmouth17
W. Bro. Jeremy MurtonPast Provincial Grand RegistrarMedina140
W. Bro. Malcolm ThorntonPast Provincial Grand RegistrarClausentum613
W. Bro. Malcolm CarterPast Provincial Grand RegistrarClausentum613
W. Bro. Robert GracePast Provincial Grand RegistrarVale of Avon867
W. Bro. Christopher BryanPast Provincial Grand RegistrarShalden988
W. Bro. David MoreyPast Provincial Grand RegistrarNeedles1246
W. Bro. John GordonPast Provincial Grand RegistrarThe Norman1279
W. Bro. Charlie NunnPast Provincial Grand RegistrarThomas Dunckerley1296
W. Bro. Nigel StaffPast Provincial Grand RegistrarBotley1382
W. Bro. Colin SwainPast Provincial Grand RegistrarBrocas Hyrst1733
W. Bro. Keith MisselbrookPast Provincial Grand Inspector of WorksConnaught694
W. Bro. Keith ToomeyPast Provincial Grand Inspector of WorksThomas à Becket775
W. Bro. Don FergusonPast Provincial Grand Inspector of WorksThistle and Shamrock1048
W. Bro. Alan EdissPast Provincial Grand Inspector of WorksForty Steps1773
W. Bro. Brian LawrencePast Provincial Grand Sword BearerAldershot Military54
W. Bro. Allen RowlandsPast Provincial Grand Senior DeaconAldershot Military54
W. Bro. Graham HillPast Provincial Grand Senior DeaconThe Saint Andrews63
W. Bro. Michael ReadPast Provincial Grand Senior DeaconSir Arthur Holbrook951
W. Bro. Ken Tout Past Provincial Grand Senior DeaconWilliam of Orange973
W. Bro. Nick BrierPast Provincial Grand Senior DeaconClanfield1385
W. Bro. Rohan GoodallPast Provincial Grand Senior DeaconBrocas Hyrst1733
W. Bro. Gareth GriffithsPast Provincial Grand Junior OverseerBotley1382