Provincial Almoners Weekly Letter

On a happier note, I visited Derek Radford, to confer on him a Field promotion in another Order, this week, at a nursing home in Gosport. He is being well looked after and seems happy but his health is not as good as it could be. Derek has asked me to pass on his deepest thanks to all brethren for their cards, letters, telephone calls and greetings. This kindness has touched his heart deeply and is very much appreciated. Derek cannot be alone in being the only Brother in this situation. If you know of others in nursing homes or hospital, maybe at home unwell, please let me know.

I mentioned last week that we were attending a family wedding, well it went well and the happy couple were beaming with joy. One regret was that, due to the restrictions they could not invite all those that they would have liked to be there. The service was excellently carried out in a local church and the staff at the hotel for the reception made us very welcome and worked hard. I do not know about you but some small things came to mind, which normally we take for granted and expect. There were no condiments on the table, not having been out eating recently, one does not always appreciate the measures that have to be taken for safety. Salt and pepper are available but it is served on request, in sachets. It was not possible to have a welcoming finger buffet, these were provided on individual plates, each identified by having a card with our names on. A lot of thought went into this event but made me realise how this pandemic is impacting on matters that we take for granted.

Yesterday Pat and I visited a friend in Chilbolton for a MacMillan tea party in place of the usual coffee morning. It was not possible to have the usual gathering at the church so some four or five ladies in the village decided to hold smaller gatherings in order to still raise money for this worthy cause. It was a pleasant couple of hours away from home.

Tomorrow we will be attending the Harvest Festival service at our church. This year there will be no locally grown produce donated, instead we have been requested to supply tinned food and paste or other suitable goods which will be given to a sheltered home for abused families.  

Please, please keep up the communication amongst brethren it is most important. 

Have a good week, look after yourselves and your loved ones, keep safe.

God Bless you all

Malcolm Lloyd, G.S.D., Prov. Grand Almoner