Provincial Almoners Letter from Andover

Dear Brethren All,  

A big hello to you all, I hope that in the majority you are well. To those not so good I send my best wishes for a better future. I am getting very used to many of you asking how the garden is when we are meeting. Thankfully it is in not too bad a condition although there is a lot of moss in the lawns. Our lawn keeper has stated that he is leaving treating this condition until January, when he feels, the treatment may be more beneficial. The ground is so wet from all of the rain that we have had. At least the grass has slowed down in growth and I will not cut it until the new year.

Thanks to Pat’s planning there is still plenty of colour to be seen in the garden and spring bulbs and flowers are beginning to show through, I hope that there are not too many frosts in the future to cut these right back. The wild birds still take advantage of the food that is put out for them and we get the pleasure of seeing them feed. It is interesting to watch the ground feeders waiting for the seeds dropping down when other birds are helping themselves from the feeders.

Christmas is only three weeks away, where has this year gone? Some would have started to put up there Christmas trees and decorations in readiness for the festive season, whilst others, like myself leave it to nearer the date, it is very much a personal choice. Perhaps in some cases it may be to have a distraction as to what is happening to our lives. I was thinking of getting Pat a new spade and fork for use in the garden but I have decided to go for something more helpful for her welfare. The masonic centres that I have visited recently have all be decorated ready for this joyous season and all look very welcoming. I know that they all need our financial support at the moment in order to deliver the services that they wish to in order to maintain their standards, not an easy task, but all that we can do is try and support where possible.

I am aware that some of our brethren are suffering from a long covid condition and I feel for them very much indeed. From my very inadequate knowledge I understand that those suffering this condition are feeling very tied and weary. They are not able to get about too well and their ability to drive their cars is affected. Thankfully studies are taking place on how to treat this condition but I believe that the medical profession is still learning. If you know anyone in this condition please keep in touch with them and give your support. Having said that we need to support one another very much in these still testing times. Please keep in touch with one another and keep those communication lines open. Best wishes to you all. 

Malcolm Lloyd, P.G.S.D., Prov. Grand Almoner