Provincial Almoners Letter from Andover for 6 May 2023

Dear Brethren All, 

Good morning on this damp but Historic day, the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla. I do not think that the weather will dampen the spirit and enthusiasm of those watching this day of pomp and formality, especially those lining the route. We will quietly watch proceedings from the comfort of our arm chairs and I will prepare a cream tea for us both later. We will be entertaining most of our family on Monday, one daughter has gone down with covid so will be isolating herself. I send best wishes to His Majesty and his Queen. May they have a wonderful day and a Reign of a number of years. Today is also our son’s birthday, 58, so time marches on.

I have helped Pat this week put up the canes for the runner beans and then planted the beans out, sweet peas have also been planted out. Pat has also planted out more lettuce plants and sown beetroot and carrots. She did have a good day of weeding. This of course is an everlasting job. The lawns are looking not too bad although the new seed has not shown signs of shooting as yet so we still have bare patches.

It has been an heartening week regarding masonic meetings, I visited the Isle of Wight for two consecutive meetings and yesterday in Winchester we held a meeting, all of which were very well attended. I know that we still have to be cautious but things may be looking up. Having said that we have both had our booster jabs for covid, I was surprised, somewhat pleasantly, on the number of people attending for this. I do appreciate that some brethren are still uneasy in taking that step out. If you require a lift or feel it necessary to contact another brother for a chat or some support, please pick up the phone or text them and make contact. If you need it, my phone number is included in this letter.

The Provincial Almoner of the Craft and Royal Arch Chapter, W. Bro. Malcolm Collier, has distributed “nuggets” of information, the first one is regarding holidays for those who need support in this matter. Please read these as and when you get them, he works hard for us all. Times are still difficult for some, please keep those communication lines open.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy yourselves as much as you can, I am thinking of you all.

Malcolm Lloyd, P.G.S.D., Prov. Grand Almoner