Marking Well the relationship between Provincial Grand Lodge and the University of Southampton on their 70th anniversary of receiving their Royal Charter

The University has been a key player in Higher Education for 160 years. Southampton University was the first University to receive a Royal Charter from Queen Elizabeth II in her reign. It is fitting that the Queen and University celebrate Platinum anniversaries in the same year.

It has recently been confirmed to be in the top 20 Universities in the UK‚Äôs Research Excellence Framework including being ranked 7th for impact. A well-deserved result.

The Province and the University have a close relationship, particularly recently in the medical discipline.

In 2018 the MBF were proud to fund Southampton University Hospital with ¬£200,000 for assistance with the purchase of a Nanoscope which is used to develop cancer treatments using immunology.

In 2020 the University was seeking support to purchase a microbiological safety cabinet, which is a very important piece of equipment needed to support the lifesaving work the University is undertaking in the Covid 19 facility. The MBF donated £37,000.

A great celebration of the relationship between the Province and the University.