Provincial Almoners Letter from Andover

Alongside of him were Rt. W. Bro. Malcolm Slater, P.G.J.W., acting as Deputy Provincial Grand Master and V. W. Bro. Peter Lewis, P.A.P.G.M. acting as Assistant Provincial Grand Master. There were, unfortunately a number of other brethren who could not attend through illness. To all of you, we missed you and I hope that you will all soon be on the road to recovery.

During the afternoon we witnessed the Installation of, W. Bro. Anthony Green as Deputy Provincial Grand Master and W. Bro. Ian Small as Assistant Provincial Grand Master. Due to W. Bro. Aidan Nally, Provincial Chaplain, being unable to be present I had the privilege and honour to act as Provincial Chaplain, I trust Aidan, that you will in a few months time be able to join us once again.

W. Bro. Richard Cox, the retiring Prov.G.S.W., announced that over the past two years the Provincial wardens have been able to raise £12,000 for charities. A magnificent amount, which is all down to you, brethren, in being supportive in the events and raffles that they have organised. Three brethren present were presented with the M.B.F. Diamond Award, by W. Bro. John Bell, President of the MBF, for the contributions that they have made to the Fund. The Assistant Grand Master, Rt. W. Bro. Stephen Davidson addressed the meeting regarding Charity and how this Province is very generous, having witnessed donations made to the Province of Surrey Festival and The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Craft Festival. He concluded his address by making a Presentation of a Jewel to Phoenix Mark Lodge and then, perhaps the biggest surprise of the day he gave V. W. Bro. Brian Ridler a field promotion to. P.G.M.O., which was well deserved.

It is understandable that numbers were down on previous years as this was Easter Saturday and we are still in the pandemic. Hopefully this will start to improve soon, all I can say, those of us who were able to be present, had good company and friendship. Please continue to look after yourselves, we are not out of the woods yet. Keep up those lines of communication and encouragement.

Gardening will have to wait until next week. It has not stopped, far from it but I need something to speak of  next time.

Best Wishes.

Malcolm Lloyd, G.S.D., Prov. Grand Almoner