Message from the Provincial Almoner

Mixed weather this week, now the rain has arrived it does not know when to stop. Not moaning really, we do need this to keep all things growing. So many of you have said that your gardens are looking the best that they have for many years, well done. May it continue.

Well, the time has arrived when hairdressers can start up their businesses again and make many of us look smart once more. It is strange that something simple like having ones hair cut takes place regularly BUT when that facility is not available how it is missed. I know that some of you have been lucky enough to have your wife or daughter cut your hair. Others have taken to some form of DIY on this matter. My daughter who a hairdresser tells me that her appointment book is now full for quite a few weeks now, trying to catch up.

Pubs and restaurants are able to be open from today as well, in somewhat a restricted manner I appreciate, but again we must tread with caution to try and protect ourselves and those around us. Some normality returning, but will it be the “norm” we have been used to. I suspect not, with social distancing and cleansing having to be observed one will have to be very diligent. If you avail yourself of a holiday abroad, enjoy yourself but look after one another and stay safe. At this stage I will not be joining you.

Many of us are getting used to joining in Zoom meetings or other forms of social media in order to see one another and keep in touch. Perhaps this might be something that Lodges or groups might consider in the future as a means of communication. Bear in mind though that the telephone is still a wonderful invention and can bring us close together instantly. Remember those brethren who do not have modern means of keeping in touch, call them now and again or drop them a line.

Some of you have received First Appointments or Promotions in Provincial Craft this week, to all of you many congratulations, I am sure that they are all well deserved.

God Bless you all.

Yours sincerely and fraternally 

Malcolm Lloyd, Provincial Grand Almoner