Message from the Provincial Almoner

Our congratulations must go to W. Bro. Tony Green who is now the APGM. This is well deserved. I will see many of you on the circuit. May I take this opportunity to thank V. W. Bro. Peter Lewis on his standing down from active office within the Province. Peter has served us well both as APGM and previously as Provincial Grand Secretary. He has been an inspiration to us all during that time by encouraging members, mentoring them and giving guidance when needed. Our PGM has sent out messages thanking many brethren for their help and support but I feel that, on your behalf I send a big thank you to him. Our PGM has all of us in his thoughts and works tirelessly both up front and behind the scenes for the benefit of all, I have become very much aware of this as the Provincial Almoner.

From the telephone calls and messages that I have received from many of you there must be some immaculate gardens within Hampshire and Isle of Wight masons. This rain over the weekend must be very beneficial for the crops and you will reap the benefits of your rewards. Yesterday just as the rain was starting I looked out on to my lawn and saw two or three birds taking advantage of the worms poking their heads out and being snatched up. We have a variety of birds visiting our garden, they work hard for their food and the food for the youngsters that have hatched.

What a role model Captain Moore is to us all. At 99 years of age he walks up and down his drive for the benefit of others. His family are so full of enthusiasm in their support for him and are amazed, as we are, at the amount of money that has been raised by his efforts.

We know that we have at least another three weeks of “lockdown” keep your spirits up and please keep the communication channels open. From your reactions this keeping in touch has been very helpful.

Look after yourselves and one another. Keep safe.

Kindest regards,

Malcolm Lloyd

Prov. Almoner.