Message from the Provincial Almoner

We are still going through difficult times and need to keep up a very open manner of communication between ourselves. I have received some phone calls this week from different brethren which I much appreciate, it is good to hear a voice sometimes instead of e-mails or other media means of keeping in touch. Therefore I ask you all to, please keep in touch with one another, it is so important. 

I trust that you have been enjoying this marvellous weather, although it does mean that I need to water the plants more regularly. We have been told that there will be some loosening of the restrictions during the coming week, it will be nice to be able to get together with some of the family and enjoy their company. My instinct is that most of us will still proceed with caution in an effort to remain safe. Our Regular meetings are still some way off but the signs are encouraging although it is still a slow process to get towards some form of “normality.”

Can I once again thank all those Almoners and other Brethren who are working tirelessly to keep up the lines of communication within the Lodges. Some are using weekly letters others devising quizzes or other means of keeping in touch. This is very important and please continue to do so. Some Lodges are using the means of Zoom conferencing so that they can actually see one another. A big credit to all who have taken on these commitments for the benefit of others.

The 9 o‚Äôclock toast on Facebook has now been moved to Monday evenings, for those who have access, and this Monday the second Wardens Swindle will take place. If possible please be there to join in.  This again is a good means of keeping in touch, not too much hassle to partake and nice and friendly.

Pat and I are well and we wish you all well. I have taken up helping her with her jigsaws, I have not been a great participant in this activity until recently but have found it challenging and useful. It is too hot to be doing gardening or chores during the day in this heat. Please let me know how you are getting on or if you just want a chat, I am available anytime.

I think that is all for this week. God Bless you all.

Kindest regards,

Malcolm Lloyd, Prov. Almoner.