Message from the Provincial Almoner

For a while I would like to be serious, during the BBC Breakfast show on Friday morning there was a short article on the giving and receiving of handshakes. Some of you may have seen it. This was interesting and very thought provoking. The matter revolves around how any virus or contamination can be spread by shaking hands. It would appear that it is a dangerous game. Even without the present virus, doubt has been raised in the past about this greeting and should be closely looked at. Scientist have proved that by clenching the fist and touching the knuckles together can reduce the contamination by up to 90%. These unprecedented times have made people consider habits that we enjoy and are part of our culture and life. It was stated that a survey has shown that 50% of those interviewed would not shake hands again.  An interesting and serious subject that we, as a fraternity, should give some thought. It would make a lot of differences to our ceremonies and traditions. Maybe we should watch this space or we might just dismiss it.

Again, more relaxation on some business, my daughter, a hairdresser, tells me that she is very busy. Her words are that men are coming in with straggly hair and leaving her salon looking very smart indeed with a smile on their face. Catherine goes on to tell me that it is nice to have some money back in the bank. I will have to visit her soon to get seen to. There must be many hairdressers in the same position. The pubs and restaurants are again back in business, with some incentives for us to take advantage of, but I am going to proceed with caution. It is good though that some normality is being experienced and people are permitted to carry out professions and trades that they enjoy.

I received a photograph from one member of his garden, it looks magnificent, maybe we could pay him a visit. My lawn specialist informs me that I have some form of disease in the lawn but conditions this year have been ideal for this type of “virus.” I will just have to wait for it to get better. So what is different?

Keep in touch with one another and stay safe. 

Best wishes to you all.

Malcolm Lloyd, Provincial Grand Almoner