Provincial Almoners Letter from Andover

Dear Brethren All,  

I sit here at 09.50 hours starting to compile this letter after having got up at 05.30 hours to get ready to go to Sussex for the District meeting of KTP, at 10.00 hours. Why am I still here at home, well, when I went to take a shower this morning there was no hot water. I am not 007 so I do not like cold showers. The central heating boiler had stopped working, no need to rush over P.G.M., thankfully, we are on a contract with British Gas, so the engineer has already been and fixed the problem, by replacing the circuit board. Advice given, consider a new boiler.

In the garden I did manage to give the lawns a trim round during one fine spell but within half an hour of finishing this chore the heavens opened and down came the rain again. With all this rain I am contemplating building an ark ready for the worst. I think I have the correct working tools but not enough timber. Pat has spent time in tidying up the garden where she can, so that means a trip or two to the refuse centre. Thankfully there is still a strength of colour in the garden, which is pleasing.

The calling notice has been distributed for the Provincial Annual RAM Assembly in January, also the list of those Brethren who will be honoured with Provincial RAM Grand Rank. I hope that as many of you as possible will attend to lend your support to the Provincial Grand Master and these special brethren.

I attended the funeral of Alan Gregory in the week with Terry Bruty, this was well attended, Alan had a very interesting life. During the week I also learned of the passing to the Grand Lodge Above of W. Bro. George Davies on the Isle of Wight. Another well respected brother taken from us. May he rest n Peace.

Brethren, there are still a number of our colleagues who are not getting to meetings for a variety of reasons. If you are aware of such a brother, please, please, pick up that phone and contact them. Maybe you are able to invite them for a cup of coffee or just arrange to call and visit them, we are all Almoners and we need that brotherly love and concern to be to the fore. If my good friend you are one of those still isolating or do not feel too confident in attending meetings please contact me or perhaps the Lodge Almoner and have a chat. I do not like to feel that we have the attitude of out of sight out of mind.

Best wishes to all of you. Look after yourselves and your loved ones.  

Malcolm Lloyd, P.G.S.D., Prov. Grand Almoner