Provincial Almoners Letter from Andover

What excitement there has been with the Lionesses winning the Ladies European Football Cup. The enthusiasm of those young ladies and their excitement was something to behold. I am sure that it has many benefits such as giving the nation a big lift in moral. It has also, hopefully, given a boost to women‚Äôs football.  Alongside of that we have been given a great show of dedication, determination and commitment by all of the athletes taking part in the Commonwealth Games. I acknowledge that they cannot all win medals but we have seen many go beyond what has been expected of them, achieving Personal Bests or National Records but not gaining any medals. Well done to all of the participants and those who have organised such an event.

The lawn is now almost non-existence, covered in brown grass. On Friday we saw the last chance to use the hosepipe on the garden as we start a ban on using these for a few weeks or months. It will be carrying the watering cans in order to give the produce a welcome drink. Having said that, we are reaping a good crop of blackberries. Pat has been busy making blackberry and apple crumbles ready for the freezer. On Friday she came up with making rhubarb, blackberry and apple crumbles. I am sure that they will go down well later in the year or the family will benefit from them.

It is with a great sadness that I note the passing to the Grand Lodge Above of V. W. Bro. Peter R. Dyke, PGJO, a former Provincial Almoner. He was a great supporter of the Mark Degree driving brethren on to achieve much within the Order. He will leave a big hole within our ranks. May he Rest In Peace.

There is quite a lot of talk recently of people being lonely or feeling isolated. We may have some amongst our brethren, I spoke to a brother in the week who states that he has not seen any masonic brethren in his area for over two years. One reason being that he does not even go into the town very often, where he might bump into some of them for a chat. Can we please remember that we are all almoners and should be looking after one another as and when we can. It has been my request before and I do not hesitate in repeating it, pick up the phone and call a brother that you have not seen or heard from for a while. Those words will mean a lot. I am very aware and appreciative of those Lodge Almoners who have set up a communication system within the Lodge. I applaud you all. Please look after yourselves and your loved ones. Keep those lines of communication open. 

Malcolm Lloyd, P.G.S.D., Prov. Grand Almoner