Provincial Almoners Letter from Andover

W. Bro. John Bell, President of the MBF gave an overview of some of the grants that have been made recently. It was obvious that some Brethren wish to wear a face covering in order to keep themselves and others safe. We are still in a cautious state of flux but restrictions are officially being lifted. We must still, I feel, keep our guard up and not become complacent. 

I am very appreciative of all of you who mentioned the letters from Andover and you were looking for the next edition. I find it humbling that a small gesture has impacted on so many, therefore, I pen another letter to you. What a testing time we still find ourselves in but with common sense we should be able to cope. I am conscious though that this pandemic has influenced many with regards to their mental health and feelings. I am grateful with some of you who have shared your thoughts with me pointing out that you have not found life easy at all but have found a way in which to face up to any problems. If any brother wishes to chat with me to share your feelings and thoughts on this matter I am at the end of the phone. Personally I was not aware that so many had been affected in some way mentally, but am heartened that some have the confidence to mention it to me. A problem shared is sometimes a problem halved. 

The lawn does need cutting but with all of the frosts that we have experienced recently I will leave in its’ warm top coat. The lawn has received a treatment to keep down the leatherjackets that attacked a few years ago. As I have said before the bulbs and some bushes are shooting showing their new growth so Spring may not be too far away. Wild birds continue to partake of the fat ball and seeds that Pat leaves out for them, the species are varying and interesting to watch. It did amuse me a few weeks ago to witness a pigeon fly into the glass patio door and be knocked over, it then sat for a short whle on the outdoor table then flew straight into the door once again. It does though leave a wonderful impression of its wing span on the glass.

Please keep others in mind especially those whom we know ae suffering, give them a call now and again to let them know you are thinking of them. Look after yourselves and you loved ones, keep safe.

Malcolm Lloyd, G.S.D, Prov. Grand Almoner