Message from the Provincial Charity Steward

In the absence of Masonic meetings and gatherings the opportunity to make your donations to charity has diminished. In light of this I would ask Brethren to consider becoming either Regular¬†Givers to the MBF (if you’re not one already!) or to make your donations by single payments. Both types of giving will, of course, count towards your personal patronage honorifics as well as the 2026 MBF Festival this¬†Province will host. But most importantly if the Corona Virus¬†is having an adverse effect on your finances please, please, please ignore this request!

Both Regular Giving and Single Donation forms are available, see the links below. If you’re not sure of your MMH number don’t hesitate to contact me by ‘phone or e-mail and I’ll let you know it straight away.

My sincere thanks to you all for your continued commitment

Nigel Wilkinson

Provincial Charity Steward

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