Provincial Almoners Letter

Little chuckle in the week, our eldest daughter asked if there was anything that we required from the shops. Pat gave her a short list, this saved us going out. About 40 minutes later a telephone call was received from her to the effect that Debbie, our daughter, and her husband had arrived at the check out to realise that they had no means of payment. Quick dash in the car soon sorted that out. We could claim age for this sort of incident but at 50+ I do not know her excuse. How some of us can in-advertently get embarrassed.  

On Thursday I visited my youngest daughter, who cut my hair. While we were siting on her patio two small deer entered into her garden and started eating some of the apples which had fallen from the trees. We watched them for quite a few minutes. Then two pheasants strutted across the bottom of her garden, it was a pleasant experience all round. It is a joy to be able to experience such mundane things.

We have now a limit of six to a meeting and on Wednesday this week Wyndham RAM is intending to hold a meeting at the Masonic Hall, Andover. It will be a business meeting to keep us ticking over.  Other Lodges I know are carrying out restricted meetings and I wish them well. It will be unusual, no bar or after proceedings, but it will be a start. 

Have had an interesting morning already, we had booked for flu jabs at 08.52 and 08.53 hours. Arrived at the surgery in time to have to join a queue of people all awaiting the same procedure. It was not too bad though, the surgery had it well organised and about ten minutes later we left having been seen to. The patients and staff were all very friendly and cheerful. I did say to Pat though that it was a good job it was not raining, what a difference that would have made.

In every situation there are always winners. I do not know about you but over the last weeks I have turned over in my mind how the water companies must be smiling all the way to the bank, Here we are washing our hands much more frequently, sanitising surfaces more regularly, without too much thought as to our water supply. The reality hit me in the week when I received my annual invoice from the water company, yes, an increase in my contribution to them. When I ponder this, I am very grateful that we can go to the sink turn on the tap, get in the shower or run a bath without thinking if the water will run. There are those in the world to whom this is not possible, this makes me think how, now and again, we might easily take many things for granted.

God Bless you all

Malcolm Lloyd, G.S.D., Prov. Grand Almoner