Provincial Almoners Weekly Letter

The Zoom meetings are still being held throughout the Province and seem to be beneficial. Some are Business meetings while others may take the form of LOI or just a social gathering. Either way it keeps us in touch with some of our brethren. Please though still keep up the communication with those who may be on their own or are carers for their loved ones. That telephone call can make a lot of difference. 

Our two youngest grandchildren will be returning to school on Monday and they are looking forward to catching up with their friends again. Many of you will be in the same position and some of you will be having your children returning to school, I wish them all well. Although whilst watching the news yesterday one young boy was asked if he was looking forward to going back to school and he replied, “No.” There could be mixed feelings among our younger generation.

Faith, our great granddaughter, has become a victim of the virus and is under the weather but did not show any signs of the covid. Our youngest daughter, who is a hairdresser and beautician, therefore not working, has volunteered to attend her daughter‚Äôs school to help with the testing of the pupils. She has said that it will give her something constructive to do and help others. 

With this weather we can get out in the garden and tidy up. Pat has been clearing quite a lot of grape hyacinths from the borders as they spread so thickly and choke up some of the other plants. I cut the lawn this week and it is coming along nicely having been given a feed of fertiliser yesterday. 

That‚Äôs enough about me and my family, I am mindful that some of you are not enjoying the best of health, to you I say, please try and keep positive, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Others of you may have lost your jobs or business, if you do need some support or advice do not hesitate to contact me or another brother in order that we might help. As I have already stated, it is important that we keep in touch with one another, please keep up that important communication. Bye for now. 

Malcolm Lloyd, G.S.D., Prov. Grand Almoner