Message form the Provincial Almoner

The PGM has expressed the view that these letters remind him of Alastair Cooke’s letters from America which, as some of you will remember, were broadcast on the radio some years ago. I am not so eloquent as Alastair, but I thank the PGM.

On looking out of the back window I can see a very elegant, tall yukka plant displaying beautiful white blooms. This plant was a gift from my late sister so it means a lot to me. In all the gardens are in full colour and bring much joy to many.

As the lockdown eases a little I have been able to book two places to attend church on 2nd August, for a communion service. There will be no singing and the Rector has stated that she will lay up the Altar and distribute the wafers herself, there will be no chalice. Pat and I attend the country church at Chilbolton which is one of five churches in the Downs Benefice. There will only be one service on a Sunday throughout the benefice so the demand might be high. Who ever thought that one would have to book go to a church service!!!

As we go forward with more restrictions being lifted slowly, so masonry is looking to get some semblance of order and consider allowing meetings to recommence. I am glad though that there is no urgency to suddenly pick up the reigns again. There are so many things that have to be considered and put into place before we can feel safe and confident in venturing to attend meetings. Thankfully though this will happen but some months away yet I feel.

Tomorrow is a special day, my daughter has arranged to visit us and get out her scissors and give Pat and I a haircut. Having watched the news on television this facility is much appreciated by many and has been missed so much. 

Unfortunately the September meeting of Mark Grand Lodge has been abandoned, so those Brethren who have received honours and would normally be Invested on that day will miss out but will still be able to take on their new Ranks from that date. Congratulations to all of you.

What an inspiration Capt. Sir Tom Moore is, what a wonderful view to see him Knighted by the Queen at Windsor Castle. Having witnessed an interview with him on BBC television. He is a modest gentleman with a fantastic sense of humour and very witty. Congratulations Sir Tom.

Catch up again next week.

Best wishes to you all.

Malcolm Lloyd, Provincial Grand Almoner