Message from the Provincial Almoner

This coming Tuesday, 9th June, should have been the Grand Mark Investiture meeting, again, this will not take place. I am sure that quite a few of us would have been in attendance at Great Queen Street. Congratulations to all those officers who, from that date will be able to wear the appropriate Regalia and assume their well earned Promotions or Appointments. Let us look to the future when this events might take place.

As this month arrives the weather turns, but I for one welcome the rain as my lawns look very forlorn and are in need of nurture, this part of the County has yet to see some decent rainfall but I know that some areas have had a soaking. A just reward for all of your labours in the garden. Pat is out there at this very moment tending to the plants and re-positioning some. Later it will be back to the jigsaws.

Perhaps like you, Pat and I took advantage of the small lifting of restrictions and actually visited our eldest daughter and her husband the other evening. We enjoyed a Chinese meal, sitting on two separate tables and serving ourselves from another table in turns. This social distancing takes some organisation and getting used to. We had a nice time until a short shower of rain put a damper on this scene.

We continue to keep well and occupied. One small thing I will share with you, a couple of Sundays ago we booked the Sunday meal offered by Marc Philips, the caterer at Andover Masonic Centre, which was delivered to our door. This was an excellent meal and very reasonably priced. We will be doing this again. He also has other offers to take advantage of. I understand that the caterer at Winchester offers some meals as well. I trust that this might be going on in other parts of the Province and on the Isle of Wight. Enterprising of these caterers and it gives them some small income whilst at the same time giving a service to our Brethren.

Keep safe and well.

Kindest regards,

Malcolm Lloyd, Provincial Almoner.