Visit to the Provincial Grand Masters’ Mark Lodge of Instruction (East) Festival

 The two Masters in the Chair, Bro. Kevin Symes and Bro. Derek Roberts shared the Masters work with Bro. Kevin carrying out the ceremony up to the candidate being invested, the Signs and the Working Tools with Bro. Derek concluding the ceremony and giving the “In Conclusion”. The candidate for the evening was W.Bro. Michael Fisher who was very ably taken around the Lodge by 87 year old Bro. Sydney Aynsworth.
The Provincial Grand Master was delighted to be present at the meeting this evening with such a large Provincial team. He commented that if this was a RAM Degree the north side of the temple would be slowly sinking! He thanked the Brethren from the Lodge of Instruction West and the Lodge of Instruction South (Isle of Wight) for supporting the event this evening. He also thanked the Secretaries and Treasurers of this and all the Lodges of Instruction for the great job they do. 
The Provincial Grand Master had no hesitation in reappointing the Lodge Preceptors for the coming year, W.Bro. Michael Puddicombe, PPrGMO, as Preceptor, W.Bro. David Martin PPrAGDC, as Deputy Preceptor and W.Bro. David Weeks, PPrGSD, as Assistant Preceptor. The Provincial Grand Master commented on the excellent demonstration ceremony this evening. The Masters in the Chair had put in a lot of hard work and they were a credit to the Lodge. The Preceptors are very experienced and they have got the best out of the very capable Brethren who performed the ceremony this evening. Keep up the good work!
At the Festive Board there was a very generous donation by the Lodge to the Provincial Grand Master for The Mark Benevolent Fund. The Provincial Grand Master thanked the Lodge for their generosity and reminded all the Brethren of the 2026 Festival which had no fixed target and had a long way to go. It was another delightful evening with great hospitality.

The Provincial Grand Master, The Deputy Provincial Grand Master, The Assistant Provincial Grand Master and The Provincial Grand Sword Bearer.
The Provincial Grand Master, The Deputy Provincial Grand Master, The Assistant Provincial Grand Master, The Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies and The Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies.
The Provincial Team waiting for the “Off”.