Provincial Grand Lodge Honours 2023-24

Dear Brethren,

I am delighted to be able to announce that the Provincial Grand Master, R.W. Bro. George J Deacon, has been pleased to make the following appointments and promotions in Provincial Grand Lodge.

I am sure you will all wish to join the Provincial Grand Master and his Executive in congratulating these worthy Brethren on their preferment. The Brethren will be invested at the Annual Meeting at the Portsmouth Guildhall on Saturday 15 April 2023.

With fraternal regards and best wishes
W. Bro. Simon P Lancaster
Provincial Grand Secretary

W. Bro. Steve WitheyProvincial Grand Senior WardenRomsey910
W. Bro. Tony LatterProvincial Grand Junior WardenNeedles1246
W. Bro. Nigel HutchinsProvincial Grand Master OverseerHector Young1395
W. Bro. Dave PurnellProvincial Grand Senior OverseerThe Mark of Education1491
W. Bro. Terry NyeProvincial Grand Junior OverseerConnaught694
W. Bro. Geoff DobsonProvincial Grand ChaplainRomsey910
W. Bro. John BurrellProvincial Grand TreasurerCarnarvon62
W. Bro. David ColmerProvincial Grand RegistrarHector Young1395
W. Bro. Simon LancasterProvincial Grand SecretaryRomsey910
W. Bro. David RyanProvincial Grand Director of CeremoniesHants & IOW Prov. G. Steward1796
W. Bro. Peter MartinProvincial Grand Inspector of WorksUnity381
W. Bro. Malcolm LloydProvincial Grand AlmonerWyndham37
W. Bro. Nigel WilkinsonProvincial Grand Charity StewardOakley886
W. Bro. Gordon BrakewellProvincial Grand Sword BearerLoveland674
W. Bro. Stephen CollinsProvincial Deputy Grand ChaplainThe Mark of Education1491
W. Bro. Alex HoneymanProvincial Deputy Grand SecretaryHector Young1395
W. Bro. Barry ThorntonProvincial Deputy Grand Director of CeremoniesForty Steps1773
W. Bro. John BellProvincial Grand Senior DeaconHarmony875
W. Bro. Stephen PalmerProvincial Grand Senior DeaconNeedles1246
W. Bro. Steven FaseyProvincial Grand Senior DeaconCarnarvon62
W. Bro. David HessomProvincial Grand Junior DeaconOakley886
W. Bro. Peter GoodchildProvincial Grand Junior DeaconHector Young1395
W. Bro. Dennis WhitearProvincial Grand Junior DeaconStradbroke874
W. Bro. Ian VincentProvincial Assistant Grand SecretaryWyndham37
W. Bro. Adrian BoltonProvincial Assistant Grand Charity StewardNeedles1246
W. Bro. Colin WoodnuttProvincial Assistant Grand Director of CeremoniesThomas A Becket775
W. Bro. Kevin DayProvincial Assistant Grand Director of CeremoniesForty Steps1773
W. Bro. David JohnsonProvincial Assistant Grand Director of CeremoniesPhoenix2
W. Bro. David GeddesProvincial Assistant Grand Director of CeremoniesBotley1382
W. Bro. Trevor GulliverProvincial Grand OrganistMercury777
W. Bro. Geoff ReynoldsProvincial Grand Standard BearerAlbanyTI
W. Bro. Steven Ross-GirardProvincial Assistant Grand Standard BearerThistle and Shamrock1048
W. Bro. Stephen RussellProvincial Grand Inner GuardWoolmer Forest1403
W. Bro. Graham LantProvincial Grand StewardCarnarvon62
W. Bro. John MeadenProvincial Grand StewardPhoenix2
W. Bro. Paul FenwickProvincial Grand StewardStradbroke874
W. Bro. William DickProvincial Grand StewardThistle and Shamrock1048
W. Bro. Ron ShippProvincial Grand TylerHarmony875

First appointment to Past Rank

W. Bro. Colin WilsonPast Provincial Grand Senior DeaconMedina140
W. Bro. Roy YeomanPast Provincial Grand Senior DeaconChandler’s Ford1258
W. Bro. Richard ButlerPast Provincial Grand Junior DeaconThe Norman1279
W. Bro. David PiperPast Provincial Grand Junior DeaconWinchester969
W. Bro. Alan BloorPast Provincial Grand Junior DeaconConnaught694
W. Bro. Alan SloperPast Provincial Grand Junior DeaconSir Arthur Holbrook951
W. Bro. Robert GibbsPast Provincial Assistant Grand Director of CeremoniesJohn Pounds809
W. Bro. Maurice ParsonsPast Provincial Assistant Grand Director of CeremoniesOakley886
W. Bro. Roger WebbPast Provincial Assistant Grand Director of CeremoniesClausentum613
W. Bro. James LedamunPast Provincial Assistant Grand Director of CeremoniesAldershot Military54
W. Bro. Kelvin HodgePast Provincial Grand Standard BearerStradbroke874
W. Bro. Ken BurbidgePast Provincial Grand Standard BearerChristchurch1453


W. Bro. Colin LeachPast Provincial Grand Senior WardenThe Saint Andrews63
W. Bro. Michael TurnerPast Provincial Grand Senior WardenBournemouth125
W. Bro. Phillip PurdyPast Provincial Grand Senior WardenMedina140
W. Bro. Andrew WildingPast Provincial Grand Senior WardenConnaught694
W. Bro. Terry ChapmanPast Provincial Grand Senior WardenThe Mark of Education1491
W. Bro. Peter CattlePast Provincial Grand Junior WardenAlbanyTI
W. Bro. John HancockPast Provincial Grand Junior WardenStradbroke874
W. Bro. Stephen WhitePast Provincial Grand Junior WardenMedina140
W. Bro. Alan HughesPast Provincial Grand Master OverseerWyndham37
W. Bro. David PhillipsPast Provincial Grand Master OverseerRomsey910
W. Bro. Roger HopgoodPast Provincial Grand Master OverseerHector Young1395
W. Bro. Brian DobsonPast Provincial Grand Master OverseerChristchurch1453
W. Bro. Martin Poerscout-EdgertonPast Provincial Grand Master OverseerAlbanyTI
W. Bro. Sean JordanPast Provincial Grand RegistrarThe Saint Andrews63
W. Bro. Richard KitchenPast Provincial Grand RegistrarRomsey910
W. Bro. Keith WoodPast Provincial Grand Inspector of WorksAlbanyTI
W. Bro. Keith ScovellPast Provincial Grand Inspector of WorksMedina140
W. Bro. Archie SmithPast Provincial Grand Inspector of WorksCarnarvon62
W. Bro. Peter DecambraPast Provincial Grand Inspector of WorksCarnarvon62
W. Bro. Stephen HumbyPast Provincial Grand Inspector of WorksBotley1382
W. Bro. Malcolm HicksPast Provincial Grand Sword BearerBournemouth125
W. Bro. Shaun FlaniganPast Provincial Grand Sword BearerAldershot Military54
W. Bro. John PettPast Provincial Grand Sword BearerGosport305
W. Bro. William DickinsonPast Provincial Grand Sword BearerMeridies1798
W. Bro. Richard DaishPast Provincial Grand Sword BearerForty Steps1773
W. Bro. Donald PearcePast Provincial Grand Sword BearerThe Saint Andrews63
W. Bro. Graham HawkesPast Provincial Grand Sword BearerWoolmer Forest1403
W. Bro. John StovellPast Provincial Grand Sword BearerBotley1382
W. Bro. John DonoghuePast Provincial Grand Sword BearerVale of Avon867
W. Bro. Coskun DenizPast Provincial Grand Senior DeaconVale of Avon867
W. Bro. Anthony CooperPast Provincial Grand Senior DeaconPhoenix2
W. Bro. Michael MulvaneyPast Provincial Grand Senior DeaconThistle and Shamrock1048
W. Bro. Robin SprayPast Provincial Grand Senior Deacon#Shalden988

Promotions under Rule 78

W. Bro. John Switzer(Surrey)Past Provincial Grand Senior DeaconMeridies1798