Provincial Almoners Letter from Andover

Last Saturday we had a very good family gathering as our eldest grandson, Matthew was married to Dannielle, this was the third time that they had arranged this wedding over the last three years, due to the pandemic. I am aware that some of our brethren are or have been in the same boat in having to see the disappointment of their son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter going through the same process. However things seem to be getting back to some normality and these important family gatherings are once again taking place. On entering the church for the wedding Pat and I had a very pleasant surprise, sitting at the church organ, ready to play for the ceremony was Pat’s cousin, He was as surprised as us and played with gusto during the hymns. I hope that all of you who are having family weddings now and in the near future have an enjoyable time as we did.

From some discussions with brethren I am aware that there is some concern as to the future with regard to the economic situation that we face. We are all in this together, so if you or you know of any brother facing difficulties, please seek help or advice. It might be, that a chat with someone having the ability and skill, in guiding others difficulties may be lessened. I am available if you do need to speak or need guidance on these or any other matters, as I have said before I do not have a magic wand but may know someone who can assist. There are benefits there which some of us do not know exist or can be considered. In my opinion this emphasise even more the need to keep in touch with one another, especially those who, for various reasons, have not been attending regular meetings.

Please, Please, keep those lines of communication open, share brotherly love, relief and charity amongst ourselves.

Look after yourselves and your loved ones.

Beat wishes to you all.

Malcolm Lloyd, P.G.S.D., Prov. Grand Almoner