Provincial Almoners Weekly Letter

What a week of sport we have had, the tennis at the All England Club has been entertaining and of a high standard. We have witnessed football matches of varying degrees of entertainment and enthusiasm. This evening we have been invited to watch the England game with our eldest daughter and her husband. I hope that it will be a good match. Having said this I am aware that not everyone is enthused by sport and I feel sorry for these people, as the main channels on television are taken up with these events or popular programmes are cancelled at the last minute.

During the week our granddaughter visited us with our two great grandchildren, who enjoyed playing football in the back garden. They also helped Pat pick raspberries and red currants which then took home with them, along with some cakes Pat had made for them. It was good to see them again after some months. Talking of soft fruit picking, Pat has made jam from the raspberries and red currants the she has grown. The flowers continue to give us much pleasure and some trailing petunias that Pat has planted in hanging baskets have decided to grow up the wall instead of hanging over the sides but they look magnificent in their deep colours. Success has also been seen with a sunflower which is now well over five feet tall, one can almost see it gaining height by the hour. A new vegetable patch has responded to Pat’s efforts and we have produce forming on the French beans, courgettes coming along well together with sweet corn, cabbages, beetroot etc. It is well worth the effort.

The aforementioned granddaughter, works in a local school, where she tells me they are studying the Second World War. In relation to this I have been enticed to answer some questions concerning this period as to food available and the vegetables we grew in those days to be self-sufficient.

Unfortunately I continue to receive messages of Brethren who are ill in mind or body, some from covid. The pandemic is still with us, please be cautious and diligent in order to keep safe. Please keep up the lines of communication, it is easy to drop our guard after this length of time but hang in there. We await the latest guidance from the Government as to the easing of the restrictions so that we can make considered decisions as to our meeting being possible in a more normal way.

I am pleased to see that the Installations of V. W. Bro. Jonathan Whitaker, as Provincial Grand Master in the Craft, and W. Bro. Steve Allum, as Grand Superintendent, Holy Royal Arch, have been arranged. It will be a splendid day I am sure, albeit that the attendance will be limited. Congratulations to them both and I trust that it will be a memorable day for them.

Keep safe and look after one another, please pick up the phone now and again and speak to another brother for a chat. Best wishes to you all.

Malcolm Lloyd, G.S.D., Prov. Grand Almoner