Provincial Almoners Weekly Letter

On Friday we were able to provide two of our daughters and our youngest grand-daughter with a barbeque meal. We actually went out to a local pub with our two eldest grandsons and their partners on Thursday evening. It started off with mixed feelings, having not been out socially for some 15 or 16 months. We need not have worried too much though, I have now learned how to register in to the premises with my Covid NHS App. (What a different world.) A pleasant, leisurely meal accompanied by a couple of pints of draught beer, was the result. Pat stuck to her lemonade. Then to round off the evening the grandsons paid the bill, a very kind gesture by them.

The other morning I got out into the garden early, to trim some foliage which was overhanging the drive, and to avoid he heat. That was a laugh, within a couple of minutes I was sweating like mad. Did manage to achieve what I had set out to do. Fruit trees are now coming into bloom and there is plenty on the blackberries, red and black currants and even fruit on the gooseberry bush. All of the produce seems to be doing quite well although the slugs are beating us to some of it. We have been visited this week by goldfinches, blue tits, sparrows, pigeons and crows. It has been good to see them and some are fledglings. Pat does get annoyed with the larger birds invading the feeding areas, some of the pigeons seem too fat to fly at times.

Unfortunately there have been some deaths reported, as follows, Bro. Maurice Clothier, Bro. Ron Terry, W. Bro. Ken Simpson and W. Bro. David Collins. All of whom have been mentioned on the “In Memoriam” Section of the Provincial web site. Speaking of the “In Memoriam” page, this is open for any of you to make a contribution and to put in writing your memories or thoughts of those who are called to the Grand Lodge Above. I make many of entries but I have to glean information about individuals as I do not know all of you personally. A vetting system is in operation on this page but please do not let that put you off of using it.

Last Saturday I received my MBF Festival Jewel for 2026, our Provincial Festival here in Hampshire and Isle of Wight. It looks quite impressive and it will be a privilege to wear it when we do get the chance to meet up together. There are other Festival Jewels available for each year from 2022 up to 2026, at present. It is good to be able to support the different Provinces with their MBF Festival. I hope that some of you will be able to do the same.

This will be the last weekly letter from me as I am finding it more difficult, each week, in finding something interesting to say. Can I thank you all for the kind comments that I have received regarding my communications, I hope that it has helped and given you some humour at times. It is my intention to issue something every other Saturday for a while and eventually continue with a monthly communication. Please keep up the lines of communication, even after we get back to some normality. Keep safe and well and continue to be cautious, it is still there. Have a good week, the weather looks promising although the watering will have to increase.

Best wishes to you all,

Malcolm Lloyd, G.S.D., Prov. Grand Almoner