Provincial Almoners Weekly Letter

At the beginning, the two Wardens were joined by Bishop Paul, Richard Newman, Peter James and Arthur Hawthorne, who was resplendent in his Highland dress. Yes it was Burns Night and what a time it turned out to be. I will not relate every move but some of the significant matters. Arthur in his inimitable manner, after the Haggis had been piped into his dining room, addressed the wee beastie. He is a star turn and many have witnessed his efforts in the past.

Then the Provincial Grand Master, George Deacon, the Deputy Grand Master John Prizeman, who was in his castle in Scotland, and the Senior Officers of the Mark Province joined in the proceedings. Another guest was Jonathan Whitaker. The PGM, after a few words asked, Arthur to open an envelope and on doing so he was asked to read the contents of the letter, which turned out to be a 60 year Certificate, celebrating Arthurs‚Äôs time in Mark Masonry. The Deputy Grand Master then addressed Arthur and requested that he open another letter that had been delivered, Arthur did this and to his surprise he received a Field Promotion from the Grand Master, to P.G.Std.B. A tribute was paid to Arthur by the Deputy Grand Master for all of his service and dedication to, not only Mark masonry, but to the other Orders that Arthur belongs to. It seemed as though Arthur was lost for words for a change. It was a good time together. 

I was thinking Burns Night is celebrated throughout the World as there are many Caledonian Societies in many countries but we, the English, do not have any recognised celebration for our own Patron Saint, St. George; why I ask? It did call to mind though my own ladies Night in the Craft, which was held on 23rd April, 1988. There were 141 people in attendance and the toast to the ladies was proposed by Brian Ridler, but I will save the full story to later. 

Malcolm Lloyd, G.S.D., Prov. Grand Almoner