Provincial Almoners Weekly Letter

During this week we have had reports regarding how our grand-children and great-grand-children are doing at school. I am convinced that many of you have also received such reports about your own families. It is that time of year. It was good to hear that they all seem to be doing well and have received awards. In these negative, difficult times it was heartening to hear of some youngsters being recognised in their contribution to others wellbeing and the general good feeling, not only academically but being caring. If I may give one example, our 8 year old grand-daughter was asked to take another member of the class under her wing. It would appear that a boy in the class cried every day while at school. Faith was asked if she would look after him because of her caring nature. This she did and the lad seems to have settled down and ceased crying. She was highly awarded by the head teacher. There must be many of you experiencing such heart-warming attitudes and events, what about sharing them to show life is not all doom and gloom. 

Last week I mentioned Christmas, this year a normal family time may not be possible because of the restrictions imposed. We are working on how we will be able to contact the family by social media as we are aware we are far too many to get together. It is imperative that we enjoy ourselves at this festive time but stay safe whilst doing so. 

I wandered down the garden in the week to cut some kale for lunch to see that some broad beans that Pat had planted had come through already, so there is life all around us. Even though the leaves are falling there is still much colour being provided by nature. She then provided a phenomenon in Scotland with the snow thunder, what an experience that must have been. Are we in for a long cold winter, I have not seen a long range weather forecast on this yet, have any of you any ideas on this matter?? 

Look after yourselves and keep safe. 

Malcolm Lloyd, G.S.D., Prov. Grand Almoner