Message from the Provincial Almoner

I thank all those brethren who attended Alan Tibble’s funeral on Thursday. We were able to hear all that was said and the doors of the crematorium were left open so that we could see what was taking place. W. Bro Malcolm Chalder gave a tribute to Alan and his masonic service. My next door neighbour is a cousin of Addie Tibble, a John Gent, who was unable to attend so I dropped off the order of Service to him, which he much appreciated. In conversation with him I realised that he is also a cousin to W. Bro. Bill Gent, Addie’s brother. What a small world. It was good to catch up with brethren and of course some of the conversation was around how we miss meeting but also what does the future hold for us as an organisation. I found this interesting because views were expressed on points that I had not considered in the manner in which some of the guidance from UGLE is being interpreted. It has really made me think and ponder.

The blackberries are now coming in thick and fast, plans for more jam and apple and blackberry crumbles. The lawn is in need of a good soaking of rain, which is forecast for later in the day, I have my fingers crossed that it will come later. 

Some normality is returning in seeing that live football and cricket have returned to our screens but it is strange not to have the crowd reaction in the background. This weekend will see the final chapters in deciding relegation and promotion within the top echelons of football, I will be looking to see the fate of my home town Bournemouth. Whatever happens though, life will go on. Those of you who like to play cricket, have a good time if your club is playing again and enjoy yourselves.

I am still receiving messages from Lodge Almoners, for which I am very grateful. There are brethren who are not enjoying good health and are receiving treatment, to all of you, I extend best wishes from the PGM and all members, you are in our thoughts and prayers. I hope that you will respond to the treatment that you are receiving.

It is my belief that this crisis has emphasised, even more than ever, the importance of having a good family relationship, Children, grandchildren and for some of us great grandchildren have been a monumental support and help. Look after one another.

 Best wishes to you all.

Malcolm Lloyd, Provincial Grand Almoner