Message from the Provincial Almoner

Some days after the street was decorated with homemade bunting, tables and chairs were lined up in the street and somehow, our parents presented party food. It was great. A large bonfire was lit in the road, which damaged the road surface, but no one seemed to mind. We still had to queue at the shops, no supermarkets, with our Ration books whilst still being able to chat and socialise with one another. Quite different to today. Like then though, there were loved ones missing, never to be seen again.

Let us remember those days tomorrow, Rt. W. Bro. George Deacon has posted a message on Facebook, some of you will not see this. I am sure he will not mind if I reiterate his thoughts. He is suggesting that at 11.a.m.tomorrow, we stop and pause for two minutes in respect of those we have lost recently and those who gave their lives in the war. Join together in tea at three in the afternoon and then take part in a nine o’clock toast. If possible post pictures on the Facebook Group of you being dressed up.

We both appreciate that we cannot get together but we can use modern media to be in contact. A few days ago my family had suggested that we have high tea together via a Zoom link, which we will do about 3.0 p.m. Pat, my wife, as soon as she heard this searched out the bunting, hats and plates ready. She has supplied union jack plates, napkins, bunting and hats to the grand children. I will be dressing in my Union Jack bow-tie and waist coat, I might even consider wearing other clothes with this. I have made some small eccles cakes and a jam rolly polly in readiness

Please, if you are able, have a very enjoyable day and be happy.

Look after yourselves and one another, Keep safe.
God Bless you all.
Best wishes,
Malcolm Lloyd