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The Centenary Meeting of Peace Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners TI was held on Thursday 28 November 2019 at Newport, Isle of Wight. In attendance were the Deputy Grand Master, R.W. Bro. John H Prizeman, the Provincial Grand Master R.W. Bro. George J. Deacon, the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, V.W. Bro. W. Peter Lewis and accompanied by Officers of Provincial Grand Lodge.
Prior to the entrance of the Deputy Grand Master, the Provincial Grand Master took the chair and said he was delighted to be here on this terrific occasion, and being offered the gavel. He remembered a previous visit to this Lodge when as Provincial Director of Ceremonies he organised the Provincial team for W.Bro. Brian Porteous to enter the Lodge and form a triangle. This was the first time it had been done. He said this evening was a celebration of a momentous achievement in reaching 100 years of continuous working which was due to some wonderful Brethren in the past, and present, who have pushed the Lodge forward. He thanked the Brethren for their continued support commenting that there was so much history in this Lodge and all over Isle of Wight.
The Provincial Grand Master then requested W.Bro. Peter Gunning, RAMGR, to be brought to him. He presented W.Bro. Peter with a 40 year certificate and lapel badge. W.Bro. Peter was elevated on 25 January 1979 and 20 years later was given RAMGR. He said that W.Bro. Peter is a stalwart of the Lodge and a great ambassador for Mark and Royal Ark Mariner Masonry.
On entering the Lodge the Deputy Grand Master addressed the Brethren giving a brief history of the early years of the Lodge which is moored to Albany Mark Lodge TI. He said that life has changed considerably since the Lodge was founded in 1919 but the Founders would recognise what we are today; a wonderful fellowship of Mark Masons. The Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, W.Bro. Adrian Cleightonhills, who accompanied the Deputy Grand Master this evening, read the original Warrant of the Lodge followed by reading the Centenary Warrant. 
The Centenary Warrant was then presented by the Deputy Grand Master to the Worshipful Commander of the Lodge, W.Bro. Stephen White. W.Bro. Phil Thorne, ProvRAMGR, presented the Worshipful Commander with an original breast jewel, dated 1919, which had been mounted and framed for the occasion. Every Brother present received from the Lodge Scribe, W.Bro. Peter Cattle, ProvRAMGR, an excellent booklet containing a detailed history of the Lodge . The minutes of 100 years ago were then read by the Assistant Scribe, Bro. John Watson.
Following these presentations the Worshipful Commander, W.Bro. Stephen White, installed the Worshipful Commander Elect, Bro. David Charles Baggaley in an excellent ceremony. He also gave the Address to the Commander. The Deputy Grand Master greeted the new Worshipful Commander and congratulated him on becoming the Worshipful Commander in this Centenary Year. 
After the Alms collection the Deputy Grand Master presented the Provincial Grand Charity Steward, W.Bro. Nigel Wilkinson, RAMGR, with his Mark Benevolent Fund Diamond Collarette and Certificate. He said W.Bro. Nigel is highly regarded in Grand Lodge and with the charity people there for his hard work for the MBF. 
Before leaving the Lodge Room the Deputy Grand Master congratulated the Installing Worshipful Commander, W.Bro. Stephen White on an inspirational installation. This was also reflected in the Provincial Grand Master’s comments before he left.
At the Festive Board both the Deputy Grand Master and the Provincial Grand Master both said what a splendid evening this had been with some wonderful memories of a very happy and memorable occasion. A cheque was presented by the Lodge for the Mark Benevolent Fund taking them from Vice Patron to a Grand Patron Award. There was another excellent turnout by the Provincial team consisting of almost 30 Officers! 
The Provincial Team
W.Bro. Peter Gunning, RAMGR, being presented with his 40 year certificate by the Provincial Grand Master.
The Deputy Grand Master presenting the Centenary Warrant.
The Deputy Grand Master, Installing Commander, Worshipful Commander and Provincial Grand Master
 Peace Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners TI.
Enjoying the Festive Board.