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The Provincial Grand Master R.W. Bro. George J Deacon, RAMGR, accompanied by the Deputy and Assistant Provincial Grand Masters, an escort of Provincial Grand Officers and holders of Provincial RAMGR, attended the Provincial Grand Masters Royal Ark Mariner Lodge of Instruction (East) at the Masonic Hall Cosham on Wednesday 25th September 2019.

The Lodge demonstrated the ceremony of Elevation with sincerity and clarity; an excellent demonstration. This was followed by the Lecture on the Royal Ark Mariner Tracing Board. It was introduced by W.Bro. Ian MacGrain, ProvRAMGR, Assistant Preceptor, and the following members took part; W.Bro. John Clough, ProvRAMGR, Part 1, W.Bro. Simon Lancaster, ProvRAMGR, Part 2, W.Bro. Patrick Burridge, ProvRAMGR, Part 3 and W.Bro. Alan Hamilton, ProvRAMGR, Part 4. The Provincial Grand Master thanked everyone who took part in the Lecture, congratulating them on presenting the Lecture in a wonderful manner. It was clear and precise in its delivery which made it so interesting.

The Provincial Grand Master appointed the Preceptors for the coming year. He thanked both the Preceptor W.Bro. Don Jennings, ProvRAMGR, and the Assistant Preceptor W.Bro. Ian MacGrain, ProvRAMGR for their hard work, both of whom are standing down this year. The Deputy Preceptor W.Bro. Mike Foster, ProvRAMGR is taking over as Preceptor.

The Provincial Grand Master presented the Mark Benevolent Fund Award of “Patron" to the Lodge in appreciation of their donations to the Fund. He thanked all the Brethren for their great generosity.