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Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Hampshire and Isle of Wight


Dear Brother Secretaries and Scribes 

September saw the start of a new Masonic season and this is probably an opportune time to report on the recruitment programme. Originally it was planned for it to last for a year. However due to the response from the Lodges and the encouragement of the Group Representatives it was continued for a second year and we are now embarking on a third year due to many requests for repeat presentations. The original presentation has been refined and updated on an ongoing basis after review of each visit to lodges’ who have taken advantage of the presentation.

Over the past two years the recruiting team have visited 17 Lodges, at which 103 Craft Brethren were guest for the presentation and which resulted in 53 of those brethren becoming Mark Masons a success rate of 51%. A very rewarding result for the Lodges involved and so it is important that the recruitment programme is continued in order to promote the membership of this our “Happy” degree in the Province.

To date we have bookings for Lymington, Woolston, (second time around) and Winchester.

Now to some statistics. At present in the Province we have some 1300 Mark Master Masons, but only 654 Royal Ark Mariner Brethren. The success of the Royal Ark Mariner Degree depends on new blood, i.e. recruitment from the Mark Degree, just as new members for the Mark Masonry come from Craft Lodges in the Province.

At the start of this new season the Recruitment team have a complete new Presentation. This is aimed towards increasing the membership of the Royal Ark Mariner degree. Visits by the Team to Royal Ark Mariner Lodges would be along similar lines and in the same format which has proved success in Mark recruitment evenings. The proposed plan would be on the same basis as that for a Mark presentation.

A Lodge will first need to agree a date of the meeting at which they would like the Team to attend. On that evening, the Lodge will be opened as usual; the normal business of the Lodge carried out and then closed. Brethren remain in the Lodge it their normal positions and Mark guests invited to join them. Once everyone has taken their seat the presentation is given by the team with ample time at the end for questions. There is no cost for the evening, although a small donation towards the 2026 Mark Benevolent Festival would be acceptable. This is usually done by means of a raffle

So if you feel that a visit from the Presentation team may assist in generating candidates for your lodge and thereby increasing the number of Mark and Royal Ark Mariner Masons in our Province please contact either W.Bro.Bob Brown or the Provincial Grand Secretary.

Have a good new season and we look forward to your company soon.

Yours sincerely and fraternally

W. Bro. Bob Brown and W. Bro. Mike Lewis.

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