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Tuesday the 15th November 2016 proved to be a very special, and proud, evening for the Provincial Grand Treasurer, W Bro John Burrell PGJD, when his son Matthew was Advanced into Carnarvon Lodge of Mark Masters No 62. The evening was greatly enhanced by the presence of the Provincial Grand Master, R W Bro George Deacon, accompanied by the DPGM, APGM, Provincial Grand Secretary and several members of the Provincial Team. Bro Matthew was advanced in an excellent ceremony conducted by the Worshipful Master, WBro Peter Buchanan, assisted by his officers. WBro John acted as Senior Deacon on the night and, in a polished and passionate performance, was not only able to afford his son some protection from the belligerent Wardens and Overseers but also to issue prompts and directions on the ???Burrell Workings?۪ to all & sundry. A very memorable night for father and son and one which was appreciated by all the brethren present. Well done Matthew and welcome to the ???Friendly Degree?۪.


Burrell son 1

Bro Matthew Burrell, WM WBro Peter Buchanan, and WBro John Burrell


Burrell son 2

PGM, RWBro George Deacon, Bro Matthew Burrell, WM WBro Peter Buchanan (rear), and WBro John Burrell