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On July 5th 2016, the Provincial Grand Master, RWBro George Deacon, paid a visit to Mark of Education Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No.1491 where he presented WBro Ken Hall RAMGR with a certificate commemorating 60 years a member of the Fraternity.


WBro Ken was initiated into Freemasonry in 1951, in Prince Albert Lodge No.233 meeting in Bermuda.  In 1956 he was advanced into the Mark degree, and also elevated into the Bermuda Loyalty Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No.33.  Alongside his RAMGR, WBro Ken also holds Grand Rank in the Craft, Royal Arch, and the Mark.  Ken became a joining member of Mark of Education Lodge of MMM No.1491, and Mark of Education Lodge of RAM No.1491 in 1994.  He is currently Juior Warden of the RAM lodge and at 89 years young he has every intention of progressing to the Chair.  WBro Ken is an excellent ritualist and shining example to us all.

The photo shows the Provincial Grand Master presenting WBro. Ken with his certificate.