Well, I thought it was impossible to beat the total of 93 Festival Stewards Hampshire and Isle of Wight Mark Master Masons had for the 2016 MBF Festival held in Devonshire. How wrong I was! Last night at this year’s Festival held in Berkshire it was published that there was an unbelievable total of 97 Festival Stewards from our Province! This was from a total across England and Wales of 208 so we contributed almost half.
Once again the generosity of our Brethren in support of the Mark Benevolent Fund and the wonderful work it does astounds me. Of course your brilliant contributions also count towards your personal M.B.F. honourifics but I know your motivation is primarily to support our Charity.
Next year’s M.B.F. Festival will be held in Lincolnshire – is it possible we could achieve a ton-up? My sincere thanks to all of you who made such a wonderful donation.

Nigel Wilkinson G.S.D.,
Provincial Grand Charity Steward